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Luciano Pasquini from Firenze; Lillo Messina from Rome; Metastasio from Siena; Franco Anselmi from Treviso; Pino Faraca from Cosenza and Gianni Chiminazzo from Vicenza

Works by:
Vero Strano, Saverio Malcangio, Vittorio Paradisi, Egidio Ostani and Welton Fegatelli from Rome.

Works by:
Annamaria Centola from Cerveteri (RM) Alba Rossi from Fiesole (FI), Rosita Sfischio from Foggia and Marina Sissa from Sesto ed Uniti (CR).

Works by:
Mark Mezh from Labico(RM) and Marcello Ruggeri from Frascati(RM).

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