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Virtual Tags
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The first application released a few years ago to allow users to share messages wherever they want to be later seen in the form of flying clouds in the place where they were left.
In Arrivo HD
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The application to travel in Rome and Milan by bus without any hassle. A map will show the bus stops around your position and the buses expected there furtherly allowing you to see their paths both in table form and on the map, the stop you are passing by, easily check the lines near your position and find the direction to reach an arbitrary location. All of this complemented by the possibility of reserving taxis and organize shared trips to save costs and make new friends in Italy and everywhere else in the world.
In Arrivo Express
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The stripped down version of In Arrivo HD allowing to view at a glance the moving buses and taxi around self.
Share & Spare
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The version of the suite for outside Italy with shared paths and taxi reservations.
Taxi Professional
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The application for the responsible taxi driver wanting to get rid of the corporations hampering their work by allowing her to use just her iPhone to collect calls, enter her own, get directions, locate the position of the prospective clients, view the sharing paths while they are forming and finally archive the single trips for a later review and/or analysis.
Limo manager
Limo Manager web site
The answer to Uber for cooperative managers, and taxi and minicab drivers wanting to offer their services at best and according to the law. Manager have on their map all the cars in their fleet and may dispatch them to the customer's location by means of simple touches on the map.
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The app for your meditation practice with a beautiful timer, and information about monasteries and meditators with the possibility of following them for improving the regularity of your practice.
Jam Session
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The brand new app for the professional teacher of music supported activities. The app reproduced its entered playlist without any lapse of silence between the tracks for a seamless listening and dance.